Mental Illness and the Paranormal

by oracleofreason

Some shocking insights by parapsychologist Barry Taff. In a recent post on his website, Taff explains that in recent years he has noticed a higher amount of people who suffer from mental illness as a result of their obsession with the paranormal. In his essay, Taff writes:

The ever increasing problem of mental illness associated with the paranormal must be addressed and soon, or we will all pay the price for it in years to come.

Many of these people cannot differentiate between reality and fantasy, as they’re paying more attention to what’s going on in their heads as opposed to what’s really transpiring in the real, physical world around them. Such individuals are dissociative in the extreme.

If we ignore and neglect this problem, we will have a significant portion of our population who believes the nonsense depicted on paranormal reality shows and they will start blaming the problems they encounter in life on the paranormal as opposed to taking the proper course of action to deal with the situation. We will have many individuals who will seek the help of people totally unqualified people to assist them in their time of need.

Barry Taff outlines numerous instances of people who come to him or whom he encounters with problems yet they are a result of people who follow New Age mysticism. Some even go so far as to allege programs related to psychics or ghosts are real. In a previous blog post I remarked about how nonsensical this kind of mysticism is in which one participant agreed with my observation. The problems associated with the paranormal that Barry Taff outlines are the result of people who subscribe to New Age and use it as an escape hatch to avoid reality as evidenced by how many times Taff has been yelled at for telling potential patients that they really need professional help.

After I read Barry Taff’s essay, my mouth literally dropped since he points out something that may not yet be a widely known problem. Fortunately, Taff not only recognizes this as a problem but states things need to change. I would be curious to find out the New Age community’s reaction to his statement. I agree with the view espoused by Doubtful News. The people who suffer from the delusions Taff highlights not only need help from a professional therapist but, simultaneously, need to stop blaming things like aliens, ghosts, or the C.I.A. and own up to their problems. Until and unless they do, the people who suffer from paranoid delusions resulting from delving heavily into the paranormal will continue to live in utter denial and (ultimately) destroy their lives and the lives of their loved ones.