The title of this blog is taken from a nineteenth century English newsletter of the same name. Despite a slight gap in publication, the original Oracle of Reason was published in Great Britain from 1841 to 1843. Uncompromisingly atheist in it’s content and bold for it’s time, the Oracle‘s three authors were the subject of continuous harassment. One contributor, Charles Southwell, was jailed for 3 months for blasphemy and upon his release from prison subsequently repudiated his interest in the publication. The pamphlet was groundbreaking at the time since it was England’s first openly atheist bulletin.

Despite the socialist bent of the original Oracle of Reason and it’s later anti-Semitism, this blog will look at issues related to politics, foreign policy, philosophy (including religion), art, science and other subjects of interest from an Objectivist point of view with smatterings of libertarian thought thrown in when appropriate.

This blog’s author repudiates all forms of collectivism including and especially anti-Semitism and socialism.