The Arpaio Recall is Not Over … Yet

by oracleofreason

During the end of January a group named Respect Arizona filed a petition drive to recall Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Respect Arizona is actually a leftist group hell-bent on taking him down. I admit Sheriff Arpaio has done some stupid things and he should be held accountable for them such as if he or his employees have flagrantly violated the law. For example, with the wrongful deaths that have occurred I have no doubt that he is taking care to prevent them from happening. In terms of the sex crimes cases his office is accused of neglecting that is wrong too. However, I think if the federal government actually did it’s job of securing the border with Mexico then local municipality police agencies (like Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office) would not have to take so much time and effort in doing the job the U.S. Border Patrol and National Guard should do.

I am sure there are heavy-handed deputies who seek to skirt the law and hopefully the ones who abuse their powers, prisoners or even civilians are/were disciplined severely. However, there is only so much oversight the head of any agency can do. He is responsible for the people who work for him but you notice, you only read about what Arpaio does wrong and hardly when MCSO actually stops violent criminals? When he is wrong Joe Arpaio is vilified. When he is right he is ignored, condemned for something else or for not doing enough.

I wrote the Sheriff criticizing him for jumping on the birther issue and included evidence that debunks his notion that President Barack Obama is not a U.S. citizen and that his birth certificate is forged. He has obviously dropped the issue because he knows he doesn’t have a case. The fact is that Latino and other Leftist political groups do not like Joe Arpaio because he says what is on his mind when it comes to the border and actually does his job by enforcing immigration laws the Federal government cannot or will not.

The people hired to circulate recall petitions were having anyone sign in which they were getting paid no matter who did. Also, Recall … er … Respect Arizona was hoping to do with Joe Arpaio with what they did with Russell Pearce using a shotgun method of flooding county or state election offices with petitions. I would not be surprised if this included collecting the names and addresses of people they could keep for later projects including get out the vote efforts. Fortunately, the group’s finances appear to be dwindling. According to a recent report one Respect Arizona head confirmed during a press conference his group’s funds were drying up. I hold out hope that the recall effort crashes and burns not just for their alleged lack of funds but due to the hurdle they face just to accomplish their goal. However, what leads me to conclude their financial disclosure maybe a charade is that shortly after beginning, Respect Arizona (yeah, right) stated they had out of money and that their fraudulent sham would instead rely on volunteers. The recall group is now working with like-minded churches which is where they are circulating petitions but they are still using paid signature gatherers.

The people leading this effort are of the purest evil. Unfortunately, there are others who have bought into the lies that Sheriff Arpaio is a racist, extremist and/or a demagogue. The accusations spread about Arpaio were (of course) nothing but lies and it is unfortunate that the information to refute them gets out slower than the spin that has perpetuated the opposition to him. To better understand why this effort began and continues would be to ponder the thoughts of Senator Marco Rubio when he discussed the Left’s demonizing Governor Mitt Romney during the 2012 Presidential election. Romney was cast by Obama and his backers as an evil capitalist hostile to the middle class and poor in which this fits the situation perfectly with Joe Arpaio:

All they hear is that one side is fighting for the people who have made it and the other side is fighting for those who are struggling.

It is in fact the political groups accusing Joe Arpaio of racism who are the racists themselves. The minority groups screaming racism on the part of Sheriff Arpaio are exploiting their race in order to benefit from the lies they tell about him. Despite claims of racism or racial profiling there has been no official racial profiling of Latinos or any other minority group under Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s watch. He has told his deputies point blank that racially-motivated activities will not be tolerated. What the media won’t tell you is that the raids his agency conducts have not and do not specifically target minority groups like Hispanics since Maricopa County SO has conducted them all over the county. I am friends with a Deputy Sheriff who works in Maricopa County Jails in which prior to doing so was a booking officer during most of Arpaio’s raids. He told me that anyone (regardless of their race) was arrested. The US Justice Department recently dropped a criminal case against Arpaio and I have no doubt the other cases against him will be dropped as well. Arpaio is doing what every Sheriff in the country should do: their job.