PETA Terrorizes Teen For Cow Auction

by oracleofreason

14 year old Logan Ward wanted to go on a trip to Europe. His family lacked the ability to pay for their son’s trip so Logan came up with the idea of raising the money he needed by conducting an auction of the only thing that could realistically generate enough publicity- a cow. Logan Ward’s fundraiser soon caught the eye of PETA and upon learning of this the human hate group’s activists initiated an intimidation campaign that included sending Logan nasty email messages and racy photos of scantily clad women.

Upon learning that their shenanigans would be featured on Fox News, the group quickly attempted to retract their original action alert email stating:

Mea culpa. We sent the wrong letter – this was a situation of someone moving a bit too fast.

What PETA did was assume that the boy was auctioning off the cow knowing that it would be slaughtered. Logan Ward’s father explained (rightly) that it was never their intent from the start. What the buyer does with the cow is not any of Ward’s concern and they have no control over what the buyer does with it once the cow is purchased anyway. You would think that PETA would issue an apology for getting their facts wrong. For now, I have not seen anything to indicate that they have. What this incident demonstrates is that PETA is not about protecting animals but is really about the animalistic treatment of humans.

The group’s hierarchy has even gone so far as to defend people who commit acts of murder. Back in 1999, while serving as a spokesman for PETA, Dan Matthews (who is gay) joked that he considered Andrew Cunanan an influential gay man because Cunanan murdered Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace which got Gianni Versace to stop using fur. During a 1994 interview when asked if PETA would support medical testing for life threatening diseases, Matthews stated: Don’t get diseases in the first place, schmo, and then later elaborated on his comments by saying: We have a lazy, sick society … People bring diseases on themselves. Now Matthews serves as Senior Vice President for the group and in addition to PETA representatives (like Matthews) making outlandish statements, the organization has even gone so far as to support financially individuals who commit acts of terrorism.

According to a review of PETA’s tax returns obtained by the Center for Consumer Freedom, in 2002, PETA gave a $1500 grant to the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) a group known to conduct acts of terrorism against facilities who use animals for medical testing and experimentation and whose members set fire to places being developed for humans to inhabit. The $1500 does not include PETA’s $70,000 funding for the legal defense of a convicted arsonist named Rodney Coronado who fire bombed a Michigan State University research facility.

In 2001, PETA gave $5000 for the legal defense of Animal Liberation Front activist Josh Harper. Harper attacked Native Americans on a whale hunt by throwing smoke bombs, shooting flares, and spraying their faces with chemical fire extinguishers. These activities coming from a group that stresses compassionate treatment of animals but expresses venomous hatred and supports acts of violence against their fellow human beings.

So-called animal rights and like-minded environmentalist groups concerned about the well-being of animals (like Logan Ward’s cow) could easly acquire animal species that they determine could be made extinct or would be subject to harm. Instead, they resort to intimidation campaigns like this, the force of law, and even litigating in court systems which are really attacks on the ability of human beings to survive and prosper.

Respecting the rights of animals above humans to the point of intimidating people who can benefit from the sale of an animal or other uses of them is utterly contemptable and incompatible with human life itself. Animal rights extremists do not have mankind’s well-being in mind but, rather, seek its destruction to the point where people disappear from existence itself.