Celebrate the Light of Reason Instead of Earth Hour

by oracleofreason

This Saturday is Earth Hour which is an event environmentalists use as a precursor to Earth Day (April 24th). The event is commemorated by people and businesses turning their lights off for one hour in order to symbolically urge politicians to take action on climate change.

The action usually advocated or taken to address this issue are laws and sanctions to prevent human beings from using earth’s resources. To participate or not protest such events can encourage the environmentalist movement to continue to seek ways to limit mankind’s ability to create technologies and products that benefit us now and in the future.

One might say that one hour of leaving a skyscraper, house, or stadium’s lights off will have a minimal effect. Yet Earth Hour organizers point to the event’s symbolic meaning of hopefully achieving the goal of curbing such human activities the result in carbon emissions in order to make a better world for our children and grandchildren.

However, like the movement that perpetuates ideas, such as Earth Hour, the meaning of this event is for participants to symbolically repudiate civilization itself. We used to constantly hear from environmentalists and politicians, like former Vice President Al Gore, that the debate is over and the science is settled about man-made activity is the primary cause of global warming and climate change.

The solutions to the alleged climate problems environmentalists claim are the result of human activity don’t involve voluntary actions such as bicycling to work or to the grocery store when you need to shop. Their proposals are drastic curtails in carbon emissions by legal decree which, in turn, leads to a massive reduction of our quality of life.

Imagine what life would be like without the various luxuries we take for granted. I could not fathom being able to live where I am now and have to endure traveling in my car or sleeping at night without air conditioning during the summer or heat during the winter. I would hate not having to be able to use my personal computer or one that used less energy since it could mean that my computer would not be as fast as it is under normal circumstances.

Taking environmentalism’s logic to its irrational conclusions, in order to curb carbon emissions to the levels needed to adequately combat global warming we would have to sacrifice almost every aspect of our lives and the luxuries we enjoy. If not our entire existence.

The symbolic meaning behind events, like Earth Hour, is not only to urge action by politicians to address the issue of global warming but also shows the moral bankruptcy of this cause since, essentially, Earth Hour romanticizes people living without the luxuries they enjoy.

Throughout human history, the usage of light has not only been to give mankind the ability to see and live in darkness, but is also symbolic of the ability of achievement. We see it in the ancient Greek mythological tale of Prometheus giving the gift of knowledge (symbolized by fire) to mankind in defiance of Zeus and an eternal flame burned by the temple of the goddess Vesta who was the virgin goddess of the hearth, home, and family in Roman mythology.

Earth Hour symbolizes the light of knowledge, wisdom, and progress being extinguished or sacrificed on the altar of sacrifice to nature as furthered by the irrational religious-oriented philosophy of environmentalism. Leave your lights on tomorrow to affirm your appreciation for things like as electricity, restaurants, cooking, transportation, and the numerous other products and achievements the human mind has helped make a reality and makes life on Earth happier while enabling us to live longer.