“Iranium” Review

by oracleofreason

The film Argo winning Best Picture at the Academy Awards brings to the forefront as to what the United States should do regarding Iran. I am particularly concerned about the potential for Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon much less nuclear technology. However, there are very few people who are demanding the United States do anything about it. Back in 2011, a little known but very well made documentary was released that makes the case why Iran should not be allowed to have nuclear technology and in meticulously outlines why Iran is the greatest threat to the civilized world.

The movie Iranium reveals the underlying premise of the Iranian regime. Outlining not only the country’s constitution but also the Iranian theocracy’s founding ideology. It quotes from Ayatollah Khomeini where he clearly points out his desire to make Iran into a pure Islamic state and his desire for global domination. Through the interviews featuring many foreign policy experts it methodically lays out not only why Iran pursues it’s course with such religious fervor but also how it goes about doing so. Nearly from the outset, Iran’s regime sought to utilize terrorism as means to it’s ends establishing groups like Hezbollah while it’s intelligence agents conducted numerous assassinations worldwide.

Iranium lays out in a clear, concise manner how the Iranian dictatorship not only attempts to spread it’s ideology by terrorist proxies but also makes life a living hell for the Iranian people. One woman interviewed states that women are stoned to death for the crime of being raped. Two women are featured being stoned by a crowd for committing adultery and then we see the frail body of Neda Agha-Soltham who was shot by Iranian government assassins because she protested the fraudulent 2009 Presidential election.

The truths that are laid out in Iranium are undeniable. As articulated by numerous experts and academics (like John Bolton, Bernard Lewis, and Frank Gaffney) any attempt to deal with the Iranian regime diplomatically is futile at best and attempts to do so will be seen as weak which will encourage Iran’s leaders to continue their efforts. The most hard hitting of points raised in the movie is when the IAEA ambassador states: No matter how many resolutions are passed, the Islamic Republic of Iran will not stop its enrichment activities.

No matter who watches Iranium and what their views are on Iran, you will get a better picture of the Iranian regime’s motivations and why action must be taken to prevent their attempts at obtaining nuclear technology. While military force maybe unattractive, doing nothing is worse since the risks of not acting are higher than the risks of doing something. The devil, however, is in the details as to what should be done. Stronger sanctions are an option as well as supporting pro-Democracy elements inside the country. If they do not have the effect of perpetuating the collapse of Iran’s dictatorship then a military solution becomes all but inevitable.

The movie shows footage of little kids being indoctrinated chanting on camera chanting Death to America. The overall content packed into Iranium is impressive for a movie that only lasts a little over an hour and gives stark proof that Western countries should back destroying Iran’s regime by any means available and necessary. It is a very important, well made film and definitely worth watching and suggesting to family and friends.