My Favorite Film of the Last Year

by oracleofreason

With the Academy Awards upon us, I thought I would give my thoughts as to what I consider to be the best movie of 2012. The list of films is impressive and most came out toward the latter part of 2012 or early part of 2013. My criteria is that movie has to be released before the Oscars. I rate my films based on a criteria that the movie must have individualistic, pro-liberty themes including movies whose characters utilize logic and reason. The time period for which I rate movies runs for the 12 month period between the time the Academy Awards are held.

I loved Act of Valor which is a film about the efforts of U.S. Navy Seals to stop a terrorist plot that will result in mass killings. Hunger Games was also excellent and another good addition to the dystopic genre while The Avengers was an entertaining and wonderful romp about a group of superheros who join forces to stop an alien invasion of Earth headed by Thor’s demented brother Loki. I also liked the new Spiderman movie since it is about an intelligent high school student who uses his mind and superpowers to achieve and exact justice. The Dark Knight Rises was fantastic too with pro-Western themes and was a great way to wrap up the Batman trilogy.

Other films of note are The Master which reveals the early days about Scientology and the truth about it’s twisted founder; Taken 2 for it’s clever and intelligent plot about a father escaping the clutches of a terrorist ring; Argo for it’s in depth telling of how a single CIA agent takes it upon himself to save the lives of American embassy employees holed up in Iran; Lincoln for it’s wonderful portrayal of Abraham Lincoln and his efforts to pass the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution; Skyfall for it’s back-to-basics approach to James Bond; Les Miserables which is a testament to the storytelling of Victor Hugo; Zero Dark Thirty for it’s meticulous detail on how the CIA found and killed Osama bin Laden; and Django Unchained that not only pays homage to Spaghetti Westerns but demonstrates the evil of slavery with a Promethean character that not only seeks justice but ventures to rescue his true love.

And with all of that said, the best film of 2012 is … The Dark Knight Rises!

The Dark Knight Rises is right on so many levels that it easily is the best movie of the year. The entire Batman movie trilogy is based on Frank Miller’s comic book mini-series Batman: Year One. However, in The Dark Knight Rises, elements of Miller’s award winning Batman trilogy The Dark Knight Returns. Specifically, the central concept of Batman returning to Gotham City of fight crime.

We can see from the elements of this latest installment in the Batman trilogy that it’s producer Christopher Nolan is pro-Western Civilization. The film’s central villain, Bane, and his cohorts in The League of Shadows demonstrate the nihilistic destruction resulting from collectivism symbolized by the group’s proto-communistic policies. Nolan symbolically and openly condemns the ideas behind Occupy Wall Street symbolized when Bane et. all take over an island in Gotham City. The group allows a quasi-Reign of Terror which results in the confiscation of private property in the name of dispensing Marxist justice by deposing property owners of their homes coupled with a kangaroo court headed by Dr. Johnathan Crane (aka Scarecrow).

Bruce Wayne is a wealthy individual who at first gives up on the city he loves but his conscience gets to him so he comes back to Gotham’s defense. Like he does in the first two movies, Wayne demonstrates uncompromising bravery and integrity. He not only returns to fight crime but his reappearance results in being an inspiration for others. This is seen with what happened with Selina Kyle (Catwoman) who dumps her life of crime to help Batman defeat Bane and his cohorts. It isn’t just Selina who is inspired by Wayne but many others (like police officer Robin John Blake) take it upon themselves to stand up to their adversity rather than grovel or retreat.

The overall message of The Dark Knight Rises isn’t just the rejection and condemnation of the Left’s nihilistic, destructive nature but is a wake up call for people to rise from their ashes like Phoenixes and embrace values that affirm life. While some say that the lights of the West maybe going out, The Dark Knight Rises shows that even though the light of reason may go out, we can and must turn them on again and live.