Phoenix Prostitution Bust

by oracleofreason

City of Phoenix Police recently raided an in-call escort and strip club establishment resulting from a five year investigation in which Police allege prostitution was occurring at a club known as The Champagne Room. Prior to prostitution being outlawed in Arizona it used to be legal up until the late 1970’s when a state law was passed criminalizing the practice. Individual cities and counties used to prohibit prostitution but it was not against the law in many counties in the state. When the practice was not against the law, there were many places in the unincorporated sections of Maricopa County where brothels operated legally.

The act of prostitution itself is a victimless crime. By making prostitution illegal it replaces the law of exchange with the law of the gun. The results of practices like what might have gone on in The Champagne Room and in other places where prostitution is illegal creates a risk-taking environment where people will flout the law usually in order to fulfill their want for sexual enjoyment or out of desire to make money.

Government exists to protect every individual’s right to their life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and not to enforce notions of morality. It has no business regulating sexual acts between consenting adults including when the exchange of money for sexual services is involved. The outlawing of a consenting adult’s freedom to choose a sex partner and to act on that choice (regardless if the exchange of money is involved) is a violation of both adult’s rights. Consenting adults have a moral right to engage in any sexual acts, which (by definition) are voluntary and do not violate anyone’s rights. If prostitution is to be condemned, let it be done morally but not legally.