The Sandy Hook Conspiracy Hoax

by oracleofreason

In nine days a thirty minute YouTube video entitled The Sandy Hook Shooting – Fully Exposed garnered almost nine million views. It attempts to raise questions about inconsistencies about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings that took place in Newtown, Connecticut. The video begins stating that the maker(s) heart goes out to the victims of the event followed up with a disclaimer stating (in part): This is a simple, logical video. No aliens, holigrams [sic], rituals or anything like that, just facts. It is notable that the entire video is geared toward asking questions. However, it is also a vehicle to purport conspiracy theories about the event itself.

At first I found the idea that a conspiracy theory could be spun about something like this was absolutely disgusting. But it also reveals the caliber of people (scum) who spin conspiracy theories in which they are used in an attempt to get publicity off of the fears and misfortunes of others. Conspiracy theories themselves are a continuous theology geared at subjectively explaining an event grounded in distrust of the official story but with little to no evidence to back them up. The Sandy Hook conspiracy is no different. The entire video links together inadequate details while attempting to question the official story surrounding the shooting. I will cover some major points brought up in the video while refuting each accusation.

The video makers make a huge deal out of a man that was chased in the woods at the time who was carrying a weapon and was later arrested. This, they claim, is an indication that there must have been another shooter. However, according to a local newspaper (The Newtown Bee), the man seen in the woods was an off duty tactical police officer from a nearby town. The father of one of the students (who was briefly handcuffed) went around the school in an effort to find his daughter. Snopes’ article on the incident (and whom is the source of most of my information) also mentions that one unidentified man was held briefly but later released. Newtown Police Lt. Paul Vance stated in an interview that due to the emotional state of people at the scene others were briefly detained as well.

The weapons Adam Lanza used are also highlighted. The video narrator cites media reports of three guns found at the scene (two pistols and an AR-15) while others stated the total was four. An inconsistency is also cited in statements by Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Wayne Carver II in which he said an assault rifle was responsible for the victim’s deaths. However, the video states that the AR-15 was found in the trunk of Lanza’s car. If this is the case, they claim, then it is not possible the students and faculty that fell at the hands of Adam Lanza using an AR-15. Actually, it was a shotgun (not the battle rifle) that was found in Lanza’s trunk and CNN has confirmed the three weapons Lanza used in his shooting spree.

The video makers raise questions about the authenticity of one of the victims named Emilie Parker. They state in addition to being at a press conference where she is seen giggling before being interviewed, Parker was seen with President Obama that same day. But the news footage and images of her seen with the President are of Emilie’s sister, not Emilie herself. There were also accusations made about the multiple websites and media efforts made on behalf of Sandy Hook victims. They state the dates on many of them are dated before the event. However, even blogs (like this) can manipulate dates so doing so is not difficult and many videos and websites I have seen have had inaccurate dates on them. rightly points out that the video is a mixture of misinformation, innuendo, and subjective interpretation. What is most disappointing is that the media has not attempted to disseminate information or debunk unfounded accusations like ones contained in the YouTube video or as told by con artists like Alex Jones. But for some who accept the conspiratorial view of reality, people involved in well known events (like the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks) are able to keep unrelenting control of secret, diabolical plots which are very complex, require multitudes of people, and sometimes involve the killing of perfectly innocent Americans.

It should be emphasized that conspiracy theories like this is nothing more than that: a theory. Usually based on speculation and a culmination of many historical or actual events tied together that share common characteristics in hopes of proving a particular point against the official story but with little or no evidence, overall, to back up the proponent’s claims. To accept a conspiracy theory without overwhelming evidence requires the acceptance of other unprovable assertions. Based on this logic, one would have to conclude that almost everyone in government or involved in some sort of plot are able, at will, to secretly plan large or small scale attacks or plots and maintain operational secrecy without leaks or any kind of transparency.

I law blame at the media alone for helping to mainstream conspiracy theories. It is small wonder that they become accepted and are conjured up for events like this so rapidly since it can mean instant press coverage. However, as one British psychological study points out, a core group of people will always believe it necessary to contradict the official story. But the one thing any conspiracist will never admit is that their spin will sell as long as it contradicts the mainstream narrative.