McDonald’s Settles Intimidation Lawsuit

by oracleofreason

A McDonald’s franchise owner and McDonald’s Corporation settled a lawsuit involving Islamic cooking procedures out of court recently. The franchises are out of Dearborn, Michigan that has a large Muslim population and decided to serve meat that was in compliance with Islamic food processing practices known as halal. The company and Finley’s management agreed to pay $700,000 to settle accusations that restaurants run by Finley’s falsely advertised it served halal meat in it’s meals.

According to The Associated Press, the suit’s plaintiff Ahmed Ahmed states that the restaurant he bought food from would serve non-halal meat when the restaurant ran out. Ahmed and his attorney allege they confirmed with a source familiar with the inventory that the restaurant served non-halal food when they ran out of halal-compliant meat on many occasions. Yet Ahmed’s attorney stated that, even though McDonald’s was negligent, he admitted there was no evidence the restaurants named in the lawsuit intended to deceive anyone. Even franchise owners pointed out in a statement released to the press they prepare halal foods according to Islamic standards and serve halal meat in the area they serve.

This case reminds me of the Six Flying Imams incident that took place in 2006. In that incident US Airways was sued over concerns expressed by passengers and crew members concerns for passenger safety on an airline flight about the conduct of six Muslim Imams. Among the allegations brought against the clerics, some clergymen refused to move out of seats they were sitting in which some of the ones they placed themselves in were not reserved for them. US Airways followed TSA protocols and acted in the interest of their customers but the company was still sued and later settled out of court for an undisclosed sum of money.

Like Ex-Muslim Waafa Sultan once remarked: Islam [is] also a political ideology that preaches violence and applies its agenda by force. This court action involving halal meat is about forcing another company (McDonald’s) to become Sharia compliant through litigation. It is also indicative of the US legal system since go away payments like this become a normal practice in order to avoid the costs of a tort.

I urge each of you to single out McDonald’s for a meal to not only help compensate the company for this loss but to also take a stand against these kinds of intimidation suits based on the demands of certain groups. In this case it is to force companies (like McDonald’s) to become Sharia compliant.