Jeb Bush 2016?

by oracleofreason

One personality that has gotten some attention as a potential Presidential candidate in 2016 is former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. Despite allegedly taking a break after finishing two successful terms as Governor of Florida, Jeb has stayed close to Republican politics, public policy, and educational initiatives, respectfully. Though I like George W., whatever misgivings anyone may have about his brother George’s Presidency, I think Jeb Bush would make a fantastic candidate for President and an excellent Commander in Chief.

I realize many people may not have the stomach for another Bush to occupy the White House due to the unpopularity of W. However, a review of Jeb’s record as Governor of Florida, speaks for itself. While Governor, Jeb supported numerous school choice initiatives, slashed state government spending and taxes, was and has been a staunch supporter of international trade and immigration as well as the War on Terrorism. My misgivings about Jeb (and they are few) are his opposition to abortion, his handling of the Terry Schiavo case, and Jeb’s signing legislation blocking development of the Florida Everglades.

While people may complain that it was the latter years of his brother’s Presidency that nearly ruined the Republican Party, if Jeb’s past and present actions are any indication, he has a record of party and consensus building which the GOP needs. Jeb’s political career started as Chairman of the Dade County Republican Party in which thanks to his skills, Bob Martinez was elected Governor of Florida in 1986. He also put himself up to run the campaigns of two candidates who got elected to Congress.

Bush proved so popular while in office he was the second Governor in the state’s history to be elected to a second term despite having been defeated when he first ran in 1994 against incumbent Lawton Chiles. Jeb Bush enjoyed high poll ratings throughout his 2 terms as Governor and left office as a very popular Florida Chief Executive. I would not be surprised that because of Jeb’s popularity that Florida Republicans rode his coattails to grab control of the state’s legislature or he had a hand in helping secure a G.O.P. lock on the state’s government.

The ruining of the U.S.’s economy is squarely on the shoulders of President Barack Obama. Whatever George W. Bush’s failings for the U.S. economy (and he does bear some responsibility), people across the political spectrum (including Obama’s supporters) are seeing through the President’s charade. Republicans will defeat Democrats in key Congressional races in 2014 and I think the GOP will (and should) capture control of the U.S. Senate. If Bush decides to run he may take some initial heat due to his association with George W. but, ultimately, I think Jeb will be able to distinguish himself. The polices that people did not like about Jeb’s brother and father are not reflective upon him and, as opposed to his brother who comes across as being reserved, Jeb is not only personable but is very intelligent.

Prior to getting into politics, Jeb worked his way to where he is now. He may have had some help from his dad or due to his name. But if he was assisted in some way by his father I can’t find any evidence of it. If his record in the private sector and as Governor of Florida is any indication, Jeb works hard no matter what job he takes and he is successful for it.

I have also seen news stories stating Newt Gingrich was thinking about running but I doubt he will since I think Newt’s 2012 run hurt him badly in the end. If Jeb Bush runs for President I will support him wholeheartedly. Like Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher did with their predecessors, I think Jeb Bush would be the right man to reverse the socialist direction of the Obama Administration.