Would We Be Safer if There Were No Guns?

by oracleofreason

I just got finished watching Sean Hannity on Fox News in which he had two guests on his program to debate the issue of violence in movies tying the discussion to the issue of gun control. The person debating the anti-gun side, Democrat strategist Michael Brown, was posed with a question by Hannity if he would feel safer if he was able to carry a gun on the streets of his hometown of Chicago. Naturally, Brown answered in the negative stating there should be no guns on the street except for those carried by responsible people.

Aside from my curiosity in finding out how Michael Brown and his liberal comrades would define responsible, I was also annoyed at how Hannity didn’t call him on his overall point. We have seen civilizations where personal ownership of weapons for self defense was outlawed: feudal Japan. During the Tokugawa period, only samurai employed by the emperor were allowed to carry swords. As a result of outlawing person use of swords for self defense, women (wives, concubines, housekeepers) had to look to men for protection. An elaborate internal police force was established which included rules and regulations that governed many aspects of Japanese life.

In 1876 during the Meiji Period samurai were prohibited from carrying swords due to the Hito-Rei Edict. This prohibition was not received well by samurai and resulted in their carrying katana encompassed in walking sticks known as Shikomizue or Shirasaya.

The end result of outlawing weapons for personal defense results in a citizen having to rely on others or (in the case of Chicago or New York) the state. The ratio for a police officer for each citizen would not be enough to protect a person’s life including the usage of private security. People need guns for the defense of their lives and property. Including the ability to choose which gun to use be it a .44 Magnum pistol or an AR-15.

None the less, I hate it when Hannity lets liberals like Brown get away by making points of preferring no guns, except for those deemed responsible. Anti-gunners in the media and politics need to be smacked down not just with examples of the present but also the past and shown who ultimately benefits (the criminals) and who does not (the innocent) when it comes to restricting access to firearms.

However, I do take comfort in the fact that a ban or further regulation on the sale and possession of rifles (like AR-15s) or any other guns will not happen. If Obama truly wanted more gun control he would have involved himself in the issue and not delegated it to Joe Biden to study the issue with a committee of bureaucrats.

Be not afraid of any man
No matter what his size,
When trouble threatens, call on me
And I will Equalize.

– poem engraved on Colt Peacemaker revolvers