We’re Not Out of the Doomsday Woods Yet

by oracleofreason

Despite the prophecies surrounding December 21, 2012 having been refuted to the disappointment of some due to the non-occurrence of doomsday predictions, there are still more end of the world omens that could end up being hyped. According to one website five will take place in the near future, others will not happen for sometime but they are predicted to come true none-the-less.

The first predicition the Fun Advice article points out is, despite Hal Lindsey’s failed attempt at predicting Christ’s second coming that was supposed to occur in 1988, one Christian religionist named Kenton Doc Beshore asserts that, as per Psalm 90:10, Jesus is supposed to return to Earth 70 to 80 years after 1948 which is the year the Promised Land of Israel was founded. In either 2018 or 2028, Jesus is to return since Israel is the fig tree as symbolized in Matthew 24:32.

While the Bible says we don’t know the day or hour, it certainly says that we know the times and seasons (1 Thessalonians 5:1-10), Beshore states. This Jewish boy growing up demonstrates we are in the time and season of the Lord’s return. Keaton points out that Hal Lindsey’s Rapture prediction was 30 to 40 years too early so we can count on him to set things straight in order to warn us so we can prepare despite Harold Camping’s failed warnings during May of 2011.

The second prediction is by psychic con-artist Jean Dixon who contends a laundry list of successful conjectures from the assassination of Mahatma Ghandi to the attempted killing of Pope John Paul II, asserts that Armageddon will take place in 2020 despite Dixon originally saying that the world would end in February 1962. However, she confidently states that a messiah born during that time will appear who will revolutionize the world bringing all of mankind together who will embrace one faith.

Two others are by Sunni Islamic scholar Said Nursi and scholars of Judaism. Nursi says the world will end in 2129 citing multiple Hadiths as part of the Sunnah which is the book used by Muslims to interpret the Quran. Six thousand years after Adam was created according to the Book of Exodus some Jewish scholars believe that the world will end in the year 2240. By the time these dates arrive I am confident mankind will have enough technological devices to verify the authenticity of both forecasts. Then again, if the previous rapture and doomsday predictions are any example, they will be debunked too.

The most interesting prediction the Fun Advice column points to is Pennsylvania State University’s Professor James Kasting. According to Kasting, Earth is entering the final ten percent of it’s lifespan and that the planet will eventually disappear due to the sun eventually brightening resulting in 140 degree surface temperatures, decreased carbon dioxide levels that will result in global conditions making the sustainability of life on Earth impossible. However, the time as to when all of these catastrophic events will happen: One billion years.

In 2007, the London Evening Standard stated that scientific genius Issac Newton predicted the world would end in 2060. One other website citing that web-based media source of record (term used loosely) whose Editor in Chief Joseph Farah who makes no apologies for the Obama birth certificate conspiracy World Net Daily states Newton actually said 2013 or 2060 depending on whom you ask:

In “Temple at the Center of Time: Newton’s Bible Codex Deciphered and the Year 2012,” by David Flynn, a book that has skyrocketed up the best-seller charts following its release this month, the author makes a correction to Isaac Newton’s research, pointing to the year 2013 as “the time of the end.

But the article then points out:

In 2003, the Daily Telegraph in London published a front-page story declaring that, according to Isaac Newton, the world would end in 2060. This was the first time that this calculation of Newton became widely known. However, various biographers and researcher of Newton’s theology had encountered it since 1991 when most of his manuscripts were released on microfilm at the Jewish National and University Library in Jerusalem.

Despite his scientific and intellectual genius, in later years Isaac Newton was said to have delved into occult studies such as chronology, Biblical interpretation and even went so far as to write a book on alchemy. What World Net Daily claims is Newton’s world’s end scenario is probably drawn from his writings on one of the former subjects. Devotion to the Christian Biblical view still influenced Western culture during Newton’s lifetime.

It is unfortunate, in many ways, that despite mankind’s technological and scientific advances that people not only still subscribe to religion but also panic when catastrophic events like the above and the recent 2012 prophecies are widely communicated. Fundamentalist Latter-Day Saints Church head and convicted criminal Warren Jeffs predicted the world would end on Sunday, December 23rd which did not get much press coverage. Hopefully this means the media is finally getting tired of being used to perpetrate apocalyptic predictions that always turn out to be false. None the less, the more doomsday predictions that are spun the more opportunities it gives people like me to demonstrate that people should have a reason, rather than faith, driven life.