Boycott Michael Shermer and the Skeptic Society

by oracleofreason

Skeptic Society head Dr. Michael Shermer recently came out in favor of gun control on his Facebook and Twitter page accounts. In light of this I would suggest boycotting him and his group not buying any of his books nor donating to the Skeptic Society.

I must say that I was (and in a way still am) impressed with Shermer’s writings on brain science and linking economics to evolution as well as the Skeptic Society scholars (including Shermer) participating in debates about religion and the existence of God. However, he is irrational and will not consider evidence debunking his notions about gun ownership.

UPDATE – 12/16/2012: I have received an email from Dr. Shermer and he has apologized. Additionally, he has asked for sources of instances where gun owners were able to halt mass shootings in which I have provided him with websites and individual news stories.