Desperate Arizona family hires psychic to find missing son

by oracleofreason

An Arizona family has hired a psychic to find their missing son. According to ABC 15, Jack Culolias was last seen at Cadillac Ranch at Tempe Marketplace Mall in which he was kicked out of the bar November 30th and has not been seen since. The news story points out that Melinda Vail offered her services to the famiy and claims she can tap into energy that enables her to collect information and communicate with the dead. Though she would not say whether or not the Culolias’s son is deceased.

After reading this story, I was reminded of Phoenix-based psychic medium Allison DuBois who has been a consultant on a number of police cases yet she has not solved a single one. According to CSICOP, in the 2010 Baby Gabriel case DuBois’ prediction that he would be found was wrong. This in addition to a number of prior police cases that she participated in and made incorrect predictions.

Psychics make vague, unspecific predictions or often have the wrong information that can lead police on wild goose chases. One Texas psychic is being sued by farmowners due to her falsely determining there was a mass grave of dead bodies buried on their property. The embarrassment alone from the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office investigation and local media reports was what prompted the suit. Due to Tempe PD’s slow investigation, the Cuolias family obviously felt they needed to take matters into their own hands. Including hiring a psychic who will be of no help at all.