Boycott Bookmans Used Bookstores

by oracleofreason

If you live in Arizona please boycott used books and music store chain Bookmans. I have uncovered evidence that the store’s management supports the Sonoran Science Academy. The school chain reportedly has ties with Fethullah Gulen who is a Sufi cleric nick named the Turkish Khomeini in which he is associated with Turkey’s powerful Islamist AKP Party.

The store chain is notoriously leftist in it’s politics. Bookmans commemorates Earth Day and (despite their opposition to censorship) have previously kicked out groups who disagreed with them on certain issues (such as global warming). The stores used to provide community rooms for free on a first come, first serve basis to local clubs regardless of ideology. While Bookmans has a right to call the shots as to what goes on on their property, it is intellectually dishonest for them to state they oppose censorship but will not even allow the presence of groups that do not subscribe to the company’s leftist dogma.