The Jones – IHOP Connection

by oracleofreason

I am sure you have heard about the religiously-based rant Angus Jones of Two and a Half Men fame conducted on YouTube. During his meltdown Jones went into how he couldn’t stand the filth on the show. A light bulb must have gone off in Jones’ head later because he retracted some of what he said.

In Kansas City, Missouri a fundamentalist sect named the International House of Prayer (IHOP) is based. As it turns out, one cult leader named Tyler Deaton allowed male members of the congregation to drug and rape his wife Bethany who was later tragically murdered. The members who killed her tried to make her death look like a suicide but one of the men named Micah Moore later confessed but stated he was carrying out Tyler Deaton’s order. IHOP tried to distance themselves from Deaton stating he and his group were not part of the denomination. Unfortunately, Bethany Deaton was the victim of multiple sexual assaults and this church is obviously nothing more than a sex cult.

The multiple divisions of IHOP are named Forerunner. Forerunner Press publishes books teaching a form of Christian millenialism which involves doomsday predictions, day of judgement, and other nonsense. The group also publishes a book purporting a conspiracy involving the New World Order claiming it was proved true by linking it to anti-Christ mythology. Forerunner Books also publishes a number of anti-gay publications too including a book stating that giving oneself to God can rid a sinner of homosexuality. In addition to Forerunner Press there is also Forerunner Arts, Books, and Evangelism which trains students on how to start parishes.

It just so happens that the church that Angus Jones belonged to when he made the video was not Seventh Day Adventist that the media reported. Jones grew up attending Christian schools and attended a Seventh Day Adventist Church at first but later was hipped to another denomination. The name of the Jones’ new church is Forerunner Church located in Fremont, California. Upon checking the group’s website, it links to the website for IHOP in which International House of Prayer has renamed itself Forerunner Christian Fellowship.

The theology that Forerunner, California furthers is strikingly similar to the dogma preached in Forerunner, Kansas City including the same Satanic New World Order conspiracy theory. Forerunner, California takes their irrational creed further going so far as to allege that celebrities like Jay-Z are part of the Illuminati and compares Barack Obama to Hitler. As near as I can tell the media has not caught on that the cult Angus Jones is involved in is linked to the group in Kansas City, Missouri.

Angus Jones’ family members and friends are worried about the Church’s influence over him. His mother has gone so far as to contact producers of the show. He met one of the church’s members named Christopher Hudson after they exchanged YouTube videos and the two decided to meet in person. After that it was all downhill from there. If what I have pointed out above is any indication, Jones’ loved ones concerns about Angus’ involvement in Forerunner Church are certainly warranted.