Capitalism is Evolutionary

by oracleofreason

Scientist and author Matt Ridley gave a speech entitled: Adam Darwin: Spontaneous Order in Biology and Economics during a conference hosted by the Adam Smith Institute in which he discusses the link between free market economics (i.e. capitalism) and natural evolutionary order. In this excellent lecture, Ridley points out Charles Darwin was certainly influenced by classical liberal economists and it is clear that, like Ayn Rand said, a free mind and a free market are linked.

I will never understand why many atheists support candidates (like Barack Obama) who embrace central planning in economic affairs. If you are in awe of the marvelous spontaneous order that results from evolution you should also marvel at the spontaneous order that results from capitalism while resenting the central planning of economic affairs.

Michael Shermer said it best in his 2008 book The Mind of the Market:

If there is a connection between evolution and economics—between Charles Darwin and Adam Smith—it is this: Life is intricate, complex, and looks designed, so our folk biology intuition leads us to infer that there must be an intelligent designer, a God. Analogously, economies are intricate, complex, and look designed, so our folk economic intuition is to infer that we need an intelligent designer, a Government.