Boycott the Salvation Army

by oracleofreason

As we gear up for the Christmas holiday I would like to take the time to ask people to boycott the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army is not only a charity, it is a fundamentalist religious sect that seeks to impose it’s moral agenda grounded in it’s faith. The organization claims they help anyone but that is not true. The Salvation Army leadership told one church in Phoenix not to send anyone who was gay to them for assistance. I have also read news accounts of the Salvation Army announcing that its Christmas toys project would be restricted only to children who could prove US citizenship too.

The Salvation Army’s agenda includes banning abortion, keeping euthanasia illegal, opposing gay marriage, opposing legalized gambling, banning pornography, etc. The group has openly urged the federal government to arrest people on obscenity charges and have also argued that people have a right to protected from any businesses to an undefined standard that erodes society and exploit persons. While they do support anti-discrimination laws, as near as I can tell, it would apply except for laws the group supports preventing unjust, or immoral discrimination. Meaning, in their view, it would be illegal to discriminate against religionists but legal to discriminate against gay people.

The Salvation Army argues that all people have a right to secure the basic necessities of life (e.g. food, clothing, shelter, education, health care, safe environment, economic security.) In other words, Salvationists are as opposed to economic liberty as much as they oppose social liberty.

In light of these facts, don’t give to the Salvation Army. There are plenty of good charities you can support that don’t get involved in politics.