Annoy the Media: Vote for Mitt Romney

by oracleofreason

Some conservative pundits are accusing the media of skewing poll numbers. I highly doubt it. Even Fox News (known for it’s conservative slant to news coverage and commentary) just released a poll showing President Obama leading Governor Romney in three battle ground states. After the close of the Democrat’s convention, it showed President Obama ahead of Romney by four points.

I do see where the critics are coming from. Republican strategist Karl Rove, for example, points out that the media polls showedPresident Jimmy Carter ahead even after being trounced in the debates yet Ronald Reagan ended up winning. In state races (like Ohio) Rove points to polls assuming Democrats are more enthused to vote than Republicans. Columnist John Nolte for Big Journalism at Breitbart observed that a CBS/New York Times poll showed a Democrat enthusiasm turn out of +9 per state which is higher than it was in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania during 2008. If there was a story, one would think the media would have reporters pounding the pavement in order to report voter, after voter stating they can’t wait to vote for President Obama back into office November 3rd.

There is one demographic, however, that has completely slipped under the media’s radar: white male voters. Columnist Keith Backer demonstrates (quite convincingly) that white males is where Obama is weakest and didn’t even bother showing up at the polls in 2008. However, the enthusiasm for this demographic is very high and, according to Backer, the Republican Party aggressively registered voters in battleground states that can effectively nullify any get-out-the-vote efforts on the part of the Democrat Party. This, along with increased voter contacts does not bode well for the President’s re-election campaign and if I had to guess, rather than the poll numbers being part of a conspiracy they are obviously due to media companies using demographics from last year to conduct their surveys. While the effect of the media’s continuous polls showing Obama leading Romney can have the effect of diminishing enthusiasm for Republican voters, I am hoping instead that they will hinder Obama’s base since it could breed overconfidence.

It is clear to me that the media does not like Mitt Romney and that is the best reason to vote for him and every Republican running for office. But if he is actually losing it is due to his message. Both he and Paul Ryan have attempted to make the argument that they are actually better qualified to save important government programs like Medicare. Mitt Romney has an additional liability since it was the healthcare plan he signed off as Governor of Massachusetts which was the model for President Obama’s healthcare plan. With this in mind it makes it extremely difficult for Romney to claim he will repeal Obama’s healthcare plan since Romney not only enacted it Massachusetts but also advocated for the Democrat’s healthcare scheme while it was being crafted. Both programs, however, are socialized medicine. They entitle people (whether the whole populace or just the elderly) to certain benefits while being financed with numerous taxes and penalties along with government debt.

If Republicans continue to not only sacrifice their principles for short-term gain, they diminish the thrust of a moral claim they could make later of upholding individual rights in some form. By sanctioning the false needs of others and removing individual responsibility overall, it makes it harder for them to come back later to make the case for limiting the size and scope of government. The Democrats, on the other hand, have principles (albeit stupid ones). They are the ones saying straight out what they want to do, how they will do it, and when it will happen. Unlike the Republicans, Democrats are not afraid to fall on their swords since to them, sacrifice is one’s highest noble calling. Leftists might end up collapsing of their own weight because (in the end) their plans won’t work but it certainly won’t stop them from continuing to try. If they can keep trying until it gets done right, the sacrifice of others (including the American people) is worth it.

Instead of looking to do things differently than Obama or save programs like Medicare, I think a Save America message would be more appropriate since Obama wants to drag the country down if not destroy it in true Leftist fashion. In 1972 the Democrats ran a hardcore socialist on their ticket named George McGovern. At the time, Ayn Rand remarked:

If there were some campaign organization called ‘Anti-Nixonites for Nixon,’ it would name my position … The worst thing said about Nixon is that he cannot be trusted, which is true: he cannot be trusted to save this country. But one thing is certain: [George] McGovern can destroy it.

I am of the same mindset regarding Mitt Romney (i.e. an Anti-Romneyite for Romney). Aside from his obvious gaffe of attempting to appeal to people by being a not-Obama, he would slow down the United States’ descent into a debt-ridden oblivion. Our economic condition will only worsen with Obama and if he is re-elected I have no doubt that he will accelerate the increasingly socialist course he has taken us on. Romney, on the other hand, might be able to change course but I will not hold my breath.