You Did Build That

by oracleofreason

Americans for Free Choice in Medicine head Richard Ralston out did himself with a poignant and excellent op-ed in the Orange County Register. In his commentary, Ralston thrashes Obama’s You didn’t build that statement succinctly pointing out that we all do benefit from people who are productive but that is due to their accomplishment based on a choice others made which makes our lives better.

We do not have a duty to others because of their efforts. Such concepts are grounded in collectivism, that we all owe someone else because someone, somehow contributed to our success. Ralston correctly points out, this idea is that it is an eternal, altruistic claim on everyone who exists and who does not and that others have a claim on others. He further points out that Obama made no distinction between producers and those who do not. The President ignored not only the Americans who helped build this country and the principles of liberty upon which the United States is built.