The Continued Disdain of the Successful

by oracleofreason

As if things couldn’t get any worse for the Obama Administration, now this gaffe articulated by none other than Vice President Joe Biden. During a speech at a campaign stop in Virginia at the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research in Danville, Virginia, the Vice President accused Mitt Romney and his Vice Presidential running mate Paul Ryan of wanting to put y’all back in chains. The gist of his comments was that Republicans (Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in particular) have called for the unshackling of Wall Street by doing away with new laws (such as Dodd-Frank) put in place by the President and the Democrat-controlled Congress enacted in response to the near collapse of the economy.

I have also noticed too that there has been scant references to any accomplishments on the part of the Administration. Instead of running a positive campaign Obama has decided to go negative due to his lack of success. Remarks like what Joe Biden said and Barack Obama’s attempt to demonize Romney’s time at Bain Capital, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s baseless accusation about Mitt Romney not paying taxes for ten years, and the disgusting insinuation that Romney contributed to the death of a laid-off steel worker’s wife just show desperation on the part of the Democrats but demonstrates the Administration’s overall hostility to wealth and success.

Barack Obama’s campaign strategy is to make the case that the need for sacrifice is more important than productiveness and achievement. The gauntlet thrown down for the altruistic message embedded in his campaign occurred right about when Obama declared you didn’t build that. When I mean altruism it is not kindness directed to others that some make it out to be. What altruism really is is the idea that it is more important to sacrifice or give up something for someone else regardless if your help is needed or not.

His recent refusal to approve an extension of the Bush tax cuts unless they only apply to people earning less than $250,000. The Democrat’s disdain for the top two percent (as they see it) is their way of saying that with economy being as stagnant as it is. We have to accept that things are just the way things are. Now in this new mediocrity wealthy people aren’t paying their fair share in taxes so action will be taken to correct this since, as was articulated in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Or the one. As a result of subscribing to altruism in the negative messages and campaigning on the part of the people who subscribe to it. The idea that sacrifice is more important that self-reliance and accomplishment.

No matter what you think of Mitt Romney, he has an outstanding record of accomplishment in the private sector. Consequently, he is a very wealthy man which is the result of his spectacular achievements and it is accomplishment that Barack Obama and the Democrats are campaigning against. In the President’s eyes it is better to support someone’s failure than for them to be successful.

It’s because Obama and Biden are conducting themselves the way they are and carrying their negative messages it is not only due to their core convictions but in hopes of making Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan look bad. They have no record of accomplishment, so the only thing to do is distract from their failures and avoid responsibility. The campaign of the Left is to demonize success which is the hideous fact about altruism that exalts sacrifice, failure, and subservience.

I do have a slight concern that Obama’s warped vantage point might end up becoming accepted as normal so people will be reluctant to think anything can get better because the economy is doing so poorly. My hope is that people will see Obama’s message for what it is and reject it come November. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are running not only to revive the economy but playing a vital role in campaigning on championing achievement and self-reliance.

It is the economy on which this battle is being fought, and it is the state of the economy that will determine it. None the less, the combat taking place has also blossomed into a philosophical debate where President Barack Obama has taken the side opposed to what makes America great: it’s heritage of individualism.