Obama the Postmodernist

by oracleofreason

The Wall Street Journal has a very good analysis of the campaign of President Barack Obama. The editorial points out that he is running a campaign based on a postmodernist outlook. As the article describes, postmodernism is a literary theory that rejects objective reality and insists instead that everything is a matter of interpretation and relative “truth.”

As a philosophy, postmodernism is (as Dr. Edwin Locke observes) the full acceptance of the philosophy of Immanuel Kant. The philosophy flagrantly rejects reason and holds that the human mind is unable to know anything about the world with certainty. As a result, neither certainty nor values can ever be known since true knowledge (i.e. reality) is constantly in doubt. Postmodernists make the egregious claim that interpreting the world is subjective, reality is the product of language, and language is oppressive since it is imposed on us by our culture. It summarily rejects concepts such as male or female, gay or straight, black or white while holding the outcome of experience and knowledge is relative.

If you consider the President’s recent statement you didn’t build that is something postmodernists can appreciate. Since, as the Journal points out, postmodernism denies objective reality that includes denying a person’s ability to create be it a business or invention since they are a product of man’s ability to think.

In terms of Barack Obama’s campaign, the accusation by Harry Reid that Mitt Romney didn’t pay taxes for ten years as well as the awful accusation by the pro-Obama Super PAC Priorities USA (which the President has yet to denounce) that Romney contributed to the tragic death of Ilyona Soptic are examples of postmodernist thought applied in these instances. Obama is so desperate to win since he knows his record is not something to be proud of so he will deny reality itself in hopes of being re-elected.

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