Birthers, Illegals, and Cartels, Oh My!

by oracleofreason

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio held a press conference in July to highlight a report that was the result of an MCSO investigation. The report concluded that President Barack Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery. The event, rightly, mostly drew yawns from the press at the time. This shows that reporters not buying the birther conspiracy theory and see right through the attempt of Sheriff Arpaio to deflect or distract from the federal investigation brought against him by the Justice Department. It was irresponsible for the Sheriff to utilize the conspiracy theory about President Obama’s birth certificate to distract from the federal investigation of his office.

Whether the Sheriff’s actions resulted in racial profiling is really not what is at issue. What the problem is is the manner in which the Obama Administration is conducting itself toward MCSO if not other aspects of domestic policy as evidenced by his hostility to states like Arizona. The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office is accused of by the US Department of Justice and in a civil suit is racial profiling. However, if there is any targeting of blacks and Hispanics being done its not necessarily because Maricopa County Deputies are doing so intentionally. It’s because of federal laws that criminalize drugs and onerous rules on immigrants to get here to the United States.

Due to the bureaucratic nature of federal immigration laws and statutes criminalizing drugs it makes it difficult for immigrants to come and even stay here legally like what nearly happened with Lauren Gray. This along with the violent-laden drug trade that results from drug illegality makes it the worst of both worlds at the Arizona-Mexico border. Accusations of racial profiling and allegations that the U.S. takes sides in the war on drugs in Latin American countries become common place. Unfortunately, blacks, Hispanics and even poor whites will be the people who get caught up in police efforts to clamp down on drug-related crime. The war on drugs and immigration controls breed racism, adversarial relationships, and corruption and the complaints against Sheriff Arpaio’s office are one of many consequences of that.

Like Arizona, California voters approved the usage of marijuana for medicinal purposes. At first the President initially took a hands-off approach to dispensaries who issued the drug to patients prescribed it by doctors. But Obama has recently reversed himself and is allowing raids to take place. They have raised the ire even of people in his own party. Democrat Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi recently condemned them observing that the number of forced closures exceeded the amount under the Bush Administration.

President Obama’s party controlled Congress for 2 years and during that time made no effort to try to reform the immigration system like he promised. While I agree with him in principle that the children of illegal immigrants should not be held responsible for their parent’s actions, I think it is an insult to illegal immigrants that Obama waited until an election year to do what he said he would do 3 years ago. Especially since more undocumented immigrants have been deported under his watch than ever before. Obama has given people who supported him because he would change US immigration policy scraps from the table.

Instead of working with Congress in a bipartisan manner (like he said he would when he took office) to implement the changes he made the President chose to bypass the legislative branch and implement what he wanted to get done by Executive Order after originally stating he couldn’t. What Obama can’t accomplish by trying to work with Congress he will implement by decree like a monarch. I am also disappointed that the Republican Party has decided to play opposition rather than apply their small government logic to try and address the bureaucratic nature of the U.S. immigration process. I hope that Mitt Romney will implement reforms upon his election that will make it easier for immigrants to obtain work permits. Immigrants are an economic boon to the United States and efforts should be made to implement changes to make it easier for them to obtain work visas.

In terms of border issues, the President has not only weakened enforcement efforts to prevent violent elements of the drug and immigration trades to migrate up her but also is a gateway to enable terrorists. When it comes to SB 1070, the terms Obama and the media like to use paint supporters of the law as racists or nativists. Even libertarians joined the chorus making boogey man claims that a police state is right around the corner. Some local libertarian activists alleged that there was a conspiracy afoot to implement a national ID card using SB 1070 as the means to do so. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The best reason why Arizona needs SB 1070 and other states should pass a similar law isn’t just due to the federal government’s idiotic attitude toward the border. It is mainly due to the content of a 2010 news report from ABC News affiliate WSB TV in Atlanta, Georgia. In the report, news anchor Justin Farmer points out the thousands of OTMs (Other Than Mexicans) who are being apprehended by U.S. Border Patrol. Most of the people considered OTMs are from countries like Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Pakistan, and Afghanistan all of which are countries that are reported by the State Department whose governments either support terrorism or have some sort of terrorist activity within their jurisdiction. I do not think all of the people captured are terrorists and might be looking to come here for a better life. But SB 1070 was not implemented for reasons other than Washington politicians and bureaucrats taking a half-hearted approach to security.

What should be of major concern is that as the WSB report points out a jacket with a patch on the back was found in the desert by an Arizona rancher in which on the patch was a picture of the a plane crashing into the Twin Towers with the inscription in Arabic Martyr: Way to Eternal Life. This and the fact that Hezbollah has locations in Mexico along with an Islamic Center in Tucson is reported to have housed some of the al-Quaeda terrorists who conducted the 9/11 attacks and whose Imam has been implicated in efforts to funnel money to Hamas.

The City of Tombstone, Arizona (known as The Town Too Tough to Die) might meet its fate very soon. The town is suing the federal government for preventing the town to take measures to improve a pipe system that runs through federal land which supplies the town with water. Tombstone is the town where the infamous Gunfight at the O.K. Corral where the Earp brothers and Doc Holiday shot and killed the Clanton and McLaurys in a gunfight that lasted thirty seconds. The Obama Administration is dragging its feet and not taking any action to order federal land officials to allow the pipe improvements to go through.

All of these incidents and policies plus also the lies Obama and the Democrats are telling about Mitt Romney tell me they are acting out of desperation due to the mishaps and policy gaffes conducted by the President. Along with his you didn’t build that statement shows Obama for what he really is: a mindless nihilist, flip-flopping nincompoop, who hates American prosperity and freedom, has minimal leadership skills, and cares more about his re-election prospects than actually doing his job.