Confession of a Right Wing Secularist

by oracleofreason

I am sure it will be a quandry for some as to why the author of these blog posts has opted to register and vote Republican rather than Democrat or even Libertarian. While I am an Objectivist (which is an atheistic philosophy), despite my registration, I make up my own mind as to whom I will vote for. I was a Libertarian for 12 years but in recent years my leanings have been for the Republican Party. Aside from the party’s anti-abortion, anti-stem cell research and pro-intelligent design stances, I find the GOP to be a good fit because it stands for economic and personal freedom even though it may not do so consistently.

Being an atheist does not automatically make one a socialist or a Communist. Like Ayn Rand I am as much a defender of capitalism as much as I am a defender of secularism. Conservatives have demonized secularism as something indicative of the left. However, what secularism is is the acknowledgement that the church and state are to remain seperate in terms of public policy leaving the individual free to pursue his or her course of action including in the realm of religion.

Rand rightly understood that religion and capitalism are incompatible and while some of the New Atheists are beginning to realize that free markets are necessary, they still subscribe to certain altruistic beliefs that the religious do. For example, some atheists subscribe to the left’s second cause celebre environmentalism (i.e. sacrifice of man to nature) or to a similar belief that is in Christianity that one has to help their fellow man whether they deserve it or not.

There is also the threat of fundamentalist Islam too in which what the U.S. saw on September 11th, 2001 was an extension of the true beliefs in the religion itself. Unfortunately and in the strictest sense, Muslims are required to make war upon non-Muslims until and unless they convert to Islam. Christians and Jews that do not are to be forced to pay a poll tax to the caliphate and considered second class citizens. Atheists (like myself) are to be executed. By and large it is Republican candidates that have the best record on national defense and national security issues. I wish I did not have to resort to tactical voting but until and unless things change Republican candidates will be the first whom I will consider siding with when casting ballots.

The Right in the United States went through a major change during the Woodrow Wilson years. Traditionally the Democratic Party was the party that upheld Jeffersonian ideals of limited government and individual liberty. With Woodrow Wilson’s candidacy Socialists migrated into the Democratic Party and the lock they and their ideas had on the Democrats was solidified with F.D.R. With socialism replacing classical liberalism in the Democratic Party, the Republicans started to pick up on the ideas of liberty where many libertarians on the Right made common cause with conservatives to unite in coalition under the Republican banner.

The Right in this country has taken a very freedom-oriented outlook in politics and economics and is not afraid to face reality when it comes to it. That is where my politics and point of view is from.