The NYPD are Right

by oracleofreason

The Associated Press has just released a report detailing activities of the New York City Police Department (NYPD) in which the agency investigated individuals who were members of college and university Muslim Students Associations.

It should be noted that none of the individuals subject to investigation were not accused of any wrong doing. Though it is not in the AP news report, the investigations undertaken by the NYPD were obviously out of concern for potential ties the MSA’s or people who make them up have with terrorists.

It is a fact that the Muslim Students Association was spearheaded for creation by the Muslim Brotherhood and that, according to the report cited by the news organization, one person cited by the report was an MSA member and made death threats against the creators of the TV animated series South Park for their parody of Muslim prophet Mohammed.

According to an NYPD spokesman 12 people arrested or suspected of terrorist activities were once or had been members of Muslim Student Associations. There is an established pattern of people who have conducted terrorist activity or who have ties to terrorists on the part of people who just so happen to have been members of MSAs and I cannot blame the NYPD for conducting their investigation. However, it might have been prudent for them to enlist the assistance of the FBI since by conducting investigations out of state might fall under the federal bureau’s pervue.

As a result of the bad publicity of this report and the recent public condemnation of the police agency by the Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood-connected Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) using the film The Third Jihad during NYPD training sessions.

This entire issue is not about racial profiling. What it is about is the NYPD conducting an investigation based on reasonable suspicion of a group or individuals who may have been involved in criminal or terrorist activity. A common police practice no matter what kind of crime has been or could be committed but in this case it is on a larger scale and part of a legitimate counter-terrorism investigation.