The Ascendancy of Newt Gingrich

by oracleofreason

Despite my support for Rick Perry, I think it is impressive that Newt Gingrich is polling very high after sagging in Iowa and New Hampshire. I must admit to have first not liked Gingrich as I attributed the collapse of the 1994 Republican Revolution to him.

However, a good friend of mine knows Science Fiction writer Jerry Pournelle in which Gingirch and Pournelle are friends. Pournelle speaks very highly of Gingrich despite his present strategy to take down Mitt Romney.

I think it is refreshing that Newt Gingrich is doing so well in South Carolina polls despite his past baggage. Gingrich is honest and openly regrets his mistakes. It’s obvious he is not afraid of or running from his past, voters are embracing his apologies and recognize him as a brilliant man. If Rick Perry fails to gain any momentum after South Carolina I might defer to Thomas Sowell’s wisdom.

If Gingrich becomes the conservative stalwart in the race so much the better. I have some concerns on his stance on the the right to bear arms but what is refreshing is that he has been able to do so well. This tells me that he can be both knowledgeable with details while articulating them so people can understand and they, in turn, embrace his ideas. I think Thomas Sowell just might be right after all when he said Newt might be the only Republican in the race that (despite his shortcomings) can actually get things done.